You’ve worked hard and dedicated time to earning those frequent flyer miles, so how do you get the best use out of them? Fast Park has the tips you need to get the most out of your reward points.

You’ve traveled here and there, braved the security line countless times and mastered the challenge of earning a massive amount of frequent flyer points! But has your road warrior status taught you how to manage your points wisely? Worry no more! Fast Park can help you navigate your points programs and find the best deals for you. Take a look at these tips to maximize your rewards.
Keep your Miles Current
Each program is different, but it’s important to understand how to keep your miles current. For some programs, you simply need to use your frequent flyer miles credit card, while others expire after a specific amount of time. Check your program details to make sure you know what actions are required to keep your points working for you! 
Understand the Fees
You can no longer get completely free flights with your miles. Often you’ll have to pay for bags, fuel surcharges and even a booking fee if you redeem your miles on the phone instead of online. Learn about your program’s fee structure to use your miles —and your money—wisely.
Buy More Miles from the Airline
Some airlines will allow you to purchase miles if you don’t have enough for your trip. These can be pricey, but you may earn bonus rewards for the extra miles you purchase. For example, American Airlines recently offered 18,000 free miles and a chance to win a trip to Rome when travelers purchased at least 60,000 miles. Consider these special deals when you’re thinking about adding miles to a trip.
Travel During Non-Peak Times
Traveling during the holidays or other peak times almost guarantees your miles will be used more quickly. While it may seem like a good way to save money on higher-priced tickets, the number of miles needed to purchase a ticket will be much higher. Consider all of the options before you decide to redeem at peak travel times.
Book Your Trip Early
Many airlines do not allow travelers to use frequent flyer miles for trips fewer than 21 days away. Alternatively, as with peak travel times, airlines may make you redeem more miles the closer you get to your trip so make sure you plan accordingly.
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