For families, couples and even solo travelers, beaches are often a favorite summer destination. Fast Park has tips to help you get ready for a relaxing vacation on the beach.
Last week, we shared Miami Airport Fast Park manager Louie LaGora’s recommendations for great beaches in his city. Today, we’re offering our favorite tips and tricks to make sure your next beach trip is relaxing and fun.
Getting Rid of Sand and Stings
Two unexpected items are good additions to your beach bag—baby powder and vinegar. Baby powder helps wipe away excess sand from your skin and clothing before you head back to your hotel. While sand is one of the best parts of the beach, it may seem like you bring more home in your suitcase than was left on the shore. Vinegar can also be a lifesaver as it can help take the ouch out of a jellyfish sting. It’s acidic qualities sooth the sting and can help rinse off any tentacles still clinging. 
Mark Your Spot
Bring or rent a very bright umbrella to mark your location on the beach. The ones at the beach are typically all the same color so renting one offsite is key. It doesn’t take much for a drift to carry you down the beach, or if you have older children who like to explore a bit on their own, this distinctive landmark will be easy for you and them to spot. 
Bring Your Own Beach Towel
Pack matching beach towels for you and your fellow travelers. You can use your towel as a pillow or blanket on the plane (to save suitcase space), and it’ll be easy to spot if someone leaves the towel behind. When you arrive at your destination, you’ll be able to locate your family’s towel on your lounge chair more easily than the hotel-issued white one.
Create a Scavenger Hunt
If your family is getting antsy on the beach, help pass the time with a scavenger hunt. Divide into teams then give each team a bucket, a camera and a list of items to find, such as someone in a red bathing suit or an empty shell. The first team back to the beach blanket with the most items wins. 
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