Raise your hand if packing is the most challenging part of your vacation! You likely know the “roll your clothes” trick and other standard space-saving techniques, but we found a few genius packing hacks that may be brand new to you. 

1. Prevent spills by placing a layer of cling wrap over the opening of your shampoo and other liquids before you screw the cap on the bottle. It creates a seal and can prevent sneaky leaks.

2. Wrangle those cords and chargers by putting them inside an empty hard-shell glasses case. It’s the perfect housing unit to prevent a tangled mess.

3. Keep your cosmetic bag tidy by storing your bobby pins in an empty Tic Tac container. Now you’ll always know where they are when you need one.

4. Prevent your necklaces from tangling by placing each one between two sheets of cling wrap. It creates a sealed yet flexible casing.

5. Avoid fights over wall outlets by packing a power strip to use in the hotel. You’ll be able to recharge all of your devices in one spot.

6. Want to reduce the number of clothing items you bring? Pack one pair of pants and/or shorts only. Add in a number of tops that you can mix and match with those bottoms for endless outfits.

7. Save space by stuffing your shoes with socks, underwear, chargers or even a small travel clock. Don’t forget to wrap your shoes in a shower cap to keep them from getting your clothes dirty.

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