As reality TV has grown over the past decade, many of the genre’s stars have capitalized on their fame by creating destinations worth traveling to for fans. Even if you don’t follow the shows, these destinations are great weekend getaways, or stops on a longer vacation.

Magnolia Market (“Fixer Upper”)

Fans of “Fixer Upper” have been heading to Waco, Texas, in droves since Chip and Joanna Gaines opened Magnolia Market at the Silos. Located in the heart of downtown Waco, the market provides a picturesque view filled with shops, food and gardens to inspire visitors. Make sure you try the food trucks (which offer everything from burgers and BBQ to pizza and grilled cheese) and enjoy the picnic area with family and friends. Lunchtime on Saturdays is the busiest time to visit, so be prepared for a crowd. You’ll also want to take time to enjoy the garden and walk through the Magnolia Seed + Supply store to pick up gardening tools and grower kits, among other fun things.

Treehouse Point (“Treehouse Masters”)

We’ve written about Treehouse Point in the past, but it’s worthy of another mention. This stunning resort located 30 minutes outside of Seattle was built by the treehouse master, Pete Nelson, and his family. Guests (ages 13 and up) are lifted off the ground and into the trees in individual treehouses on the property, and a central lodge offers complimentary wi-fi along with books, games and snacks. If you just want to check out the hand-crafted treehouses but don’t want to stay overnight, guided tours of the property are available.

Gas Monkey Garage (“Fast N’ Loud”)

Car fans heading to Dallas should add the Gas Monkey Garage to their itinerary. Featured on the Discovery Channel show “Fast N’ Loud,” the famous garage is owned by Richard Rawlings (whom you might recognize from Dodge commercials) and showcases the motor mastermind as he works with his team of “monkeys” to restore classic cars. While the garage isn’t always open to the public to tour, you might catch a glimpse of filming, and the stars often meet fans during breaks. At the very least, you can pick up sweet merchandise from the shop and then head over to the Gas Monkey Bar n’ Grill for a bite to eat.

Kleinfeld Bridal (“Say Yes to the Dress”)

OK, maybe this one is a bit more targeted. “Say Yes to the Dress,” the popular TLC show, takes viewers behind the scenes at the high-end bridal salon in Manhattan. Even if you don’t want to be on TV, you can visit Kleinfeld to find the perfect dress for the big day. In fact, the store has become such a huge destination for fans of the show, many women visit to try on dresses even if they aren’t engaged.

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