For some movies and television shows, the homes are as much of a character as the people. From Ralphie’s childhood home in A Christmas Story to the Tanner family home in San Francisco, there are plenty of ways to step into your favorite show or movie while on vacation. And sometimes, if you’re a super fan, it’s worth it to plan a trip around these famous spots.

1. A Christmas Story house

Step back in time to 1983 and the movie that is now staple on TV during the Christmas season. Not only can you see the famous house where Ralphie and Randy grew up, now you can reserve the house and spend the night! The famous destination is about 12 minutes outside of downtown Cleveland and includes the house, a museum and gift shop filled with as many leg lamps as you can possibly imagine.

Bonus: if you’re a Christmas-movie buff, you’ll want to drive by the Home Alone house the next time you’re in Chicago. That house in Winnetka is privately owned, so be respectful as you catch a glimpse.

2. Full House home

The Tanner’s family home is “everywhere you look” in San Francisco. While the show was filmed in front of a live audience, the outside shots are of an actual house on Broderick Street. Just don’t go busting through the door like the character, Kimmy Gibbler. The residence is privately owned. You can see another famous shot by walking a few blocks to Alamo Square. The Painted Ladies on Steiner Street make an appearance in the opening credits.

Bonus: If you’re looking for some more famous-family fun, there’s a story about a man named Brady on Dilling Street in Los Angeles. The 1970s-family home was selected because it looked relatable and middle-class. The interior however, was completely built on set at Paramount Studios.

3. The White House

This is probably the most famous of the famous TV and movie houses. Recreated on sound stages for many current and former shows, including Scandal, House of Cards, Designated Survivor, The West Wing, Veep and more, you’ll need some added clearance to tour this home. While you’re in D.C., check out other popular filming locations like the Capitol, Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial.

Bonus: Check out this slideshow from Travel + Leisure to see 19 other locations from your favorite TV shows you can visit in real life, including the Spellman House from Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the Downton Abbey castle in West Berkshire, England.

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