Whether you’re a believer or not, there’s a spooky story in nearly every old, American town. Add some thrill to your next vacation by visiting some of the most haunted spots in the country. The “guests” are dying to meet you.

Southern Charm and Spirits

The beautiful, charming city of Savannah, Georgia, is just as well known for its ghost stories as its cobblestone streets. Savannah has been haunted by spirits since its beginnings when it was built on Native American burial grounds. Unmarked graves surround the historic district and are hard to avoid for even the most cautious pedestrian.

Those seeking the thrill of paranormal activity can visit Bonaventure Cemetery – made famous in the murder mystery “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” The most popular gravesite in the 100-acre cemetery is that of little Gracie Watson, a 6-year-old girl who died suddenly after being photographed in her new Easter finery. A lifelike statue of Gracie is said to cry bloody tears if toys, left from admirers, are removed. 

Book at stay at the 17hundred90 Inn to really prove you have no fear. The inn is haunted by the ghost of Anne Powell, a young girl who fell from the window of room 204. Guests have claimed to witness the ghost leaning over them while they slept in bed or reported missing items from their suitcase.  Don’t believe in ghosts? An entire section of the inn’s website is dedicated to guests’ paranormal encounters.  

The streets of Savannah are teeming with ghost tours at night that range from demented trolley tours to moonlit strolls in the cemetery. USA Today ranked Blue Orb one of the best ghost tour companies in the city. The Zombie Ghost Tour™ is Blue Orb’s original and most popular tour that is catered to adults only. In addition to Colonial ghost stories, guides also delve into frightening tales that come from the large Voodoo and Hoodoo communities.

Looking for more information about Haunted Savannah’s spine-chilling adventures? Here’s a roundup from the Travel Channel.

A Haunted History

Spend a day in the French Quarter in New Orleans, and you’re bound to find a unique and exciting experiencing around every corner. Its 200-year history of characters and chaos has made it one of the most memorable destinations in The Big Easy as well as the most haunted.

The horrible tale of Delphine LaLaurie and her torture chamber is one of the most popular in the French Quarter. Madame LaLaurie was a respected socialite who purchased a mansion in the early 1830s at the corner of Royal and Gov. Nichols streets. When a fire swept through the house a few years later, neighbors rushed to the rescue and discovered chained and tortured slaves in rooms above the kitchen. Outraged by the sight, a mob stormed the mansion, forcing Madame LaLaurie to flee to Paris. For nearly 200 years, the building’s numerous owners have reported hearing screams from upstairs and seeing spirits walking about the property.

The beautiful Beauregard-Keyes House is said to be haunted by its former owner, Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard. Beauregard returned to New Orleans after the Civil War and rented the historic French Quarter home for 18 months. While his tenancy was short, the ghost of Beauregard and his troops still walk the halls of 1113 Chartres Street.

If the haunted tales of the French Quarter have you searching for more, Thrillist put together a guide on where to find ghosts, spirits and a good time in New Orleans.

Big Scares in Texas

A landmark of legendary Texas hospitality, The Driskill Hotel screams luxury (among other things). The first documented report of paranormal activity occurred in 1887, when a young girl met her fate while chasing a ball along the grand staircase in the hotel. Guest reported seeing a ghost a week following her tragic death.

The most well-known haunted location within the hotel is room 525. Two young brides ended their life in the bathroom, some twenty years apart. The room was shut off for many years and reopen in 1998. Since then, guest have reported mysterious leaks and seeing a spirit in a wedding dress.

America’s Most Haunted

While these are some of the most haunted places in the counry, Travel + Leisure has many more to consider. We dare you to tour these ghostly hotels, bars and asylums.

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