Surfing is a fun and challenging way to get active on your next beach vacation. From newbies to pros, we can help you find the right destination to catch a few waves on your next trip.

Family travelers can visit The Inertia for a list of five destinations perfect for both little ones and adults. With gentler surf and beautiful surroundings, each destination will have something to keep the entire family busy.

If you need a little encouragement to get on a board for the first time, a writer with Yahoo News shares her experience learning to surf in Costa Rica. She has great tips about what to bring – and how not to eat before your first surfing experience. The article also includes a few beach suggestions perfect for first-time surfers.

Surfers on a budget will find a vacation spot on the Surf Channel's list of 10 inexpensive surf destinations. While the plane ticket to a few of these beaches can be a little pricey, hotel stays and food can be reasonably priced once you arrive.

For surfers who prefer a little luxury, Forbes has a list of the top hotels for surfing vacations. These spots are perfect for seasoned surfers as well as beginners. Or, if you’re like us, they’re great spots to watch loved ones surf while we enjoy a margarita and a massage.

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