Listen up, history buffs. This post is for you! We know you love history, but looking for a way to make it come alive for you and your children can sometimes be a challenge. This fall, skip the museum and visit some of the best historic sites in the United States.
Family Circle has a list of history vacations that are perfect for anyone interested in learning more about the United States. The magazine categorized destinations with themes such as Revolutionary America, Civil Rights and World War II. Each category includes at least three destination cities and suggested activities to fit the needs and preferences of your family.
If exploring one of the 12 oldest places in America sounds intriguing, then Budget Travel has a list for you. Whether you want to visit the oldest city, Cahokia, Missouri (about 15 miles from St. Louis) or take a ride on the oldest roller coaster, the Leap-the-Dips in Altoona, Pa., you’ll find a vacation spot that you will always remember.
Families can find the perfect destination on Family Vacation Critic’s 15 best historic sites for kids. Some locations, like Washington, D.C. or Williamsburg, Va., will not be surprising, but you may not think about visiting the Manhattan Project in Oak Ridge, Tenn. or the Presidential libraries across the country. Each suggested destination includes several activities in and around the historic site which makes multi-day trips easier to plan. 
For those who want to feel like they stepped right into the pages of a history book, Frommer’s list of historic restorations is the perfect choice. Our favorite has to be the Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, Vermont. It features a full-size Shaker barn, an excursion steamer and a 19th century farmhouse, all surrounded by beautiful countryside. 
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