Sleeping in the great outdoors isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but most campers these days are hardly “roughing it,” or even losing connectivity to Wi-Fi for that matter. Camper sales are booming and glamping, or glamourous camping, has taken the vacation world by storm.

There’s no need to splurge on an RV or subject yourself to a weekend of tent camping with no running water to enjoy a fun-filled weekend with nature. If you love the idea of camping but think and a “glamping vacation” is more your style, we’ve outlined some of the basics for you.


When you’re researching your perfect glamping destination, look for the different accommodations offered, like yurts, RV rentals, cabins, cottages and tents. The tents, however, are not exactly what you’d find at an outdoors store and pitch yourself. Glamping tents also are known as “canvas cabins” and include flooring, furniture and an actual bed. A yurt is similar to a tent but it’s on a platform and often includes electricity. RVs, cabins and cottages usually offer some additional comforts of home including electricity, plumbing and a full kitchen, all while still bringing you closer to nature.


Now that you know the various glamping experiences, it’s time to pick a destination! is a great resource for first-timers. Similar to the large hotel listing websites or Airbnb, this site lists some of the best glampsites across the globe. In the United States, there are plenty of options from Michigan and Georgia to all over the west coast in California, Oregon and Colorado. The Travel Channel also has glamping inspiration with its list of destinations, from Rockwater Secret Cove Resort along the Sunshine Coast (two hours outside of Vancouver) to a modern glass treehouse just minutes outside of Atlanta.

Keep in mind some of these glampsites are out in the middle of nature and not necessarily close to an airport. Be sure to consult a map and check with your park/resort about transportation options.

Gear and Necessities

Most glampsites provide bedding and furniture, but it’s always best to verify your accommodations before you leave your sleeping bag at home. As being one with nature is still a goal, remember to check the forecast for your destination and pack accordingly. And while glamping is not necessarily “roughing it,” it will be a far cry from a five-star resort, so plan out all of your meals and make sure you have the right tools to prepare them accordingly. (Hint: Don’t forget to add graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars to your shopping list.)

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