Many tourists going “out west” flag Jackson Hole as a must-visit destination. With proximity to Yellowstone National Park (about 60 miles away) and Grand Teton National Park in its backyard, Jackson Hole offers breathtaking views, abundant wildlife and unmatched experiences in nature. From skiing and snowboarding to hiking and floating down the Snake River, there’s always something to do no matter the season.

Here’s a snapshot of the seasonal offerings available to visitors:


Avid and amateur skiers head to Jackson Hole for the amazing ski resorts. But if you’re not into skiing, the town offers plenty of other winter sports, like snowshoeing tours through Grand Teton National Park. The world’s fastest growing winter sport according to “Snowshoe” magazine (who knew?). Snowmobiling and dog sledding are other top-notch options for those who may not want to try skis or snowshoes.


As the underappreciated season in the town, spring can offer a lot of fun if you’re willing to bend with the what the weather offers. Spring is often quiet as it’s too warm to ski but too cool to pull out the kayaks and water toys. Enjoy the cooler days hiking and seeing the beautiful wildflowers. The highway leading to the south entrance of Yellowstone National Park often opens in May, meaning more tourists will be making their way to the beautiful destination.


Hiking, biking, floating, rafting, fishing … you name it and chances are Jackson Hole has it. If you’re looking for an adventure on the water, float or raft down the Snake River. As portions of the river can be dangerous, it’s best to use a guide. Snow King Mountain is the oldest ski area in Wyoming, but come summer, Snow King transforms into a community hub with chairlift rides, ropes courses, ziplining, and more. If you’re feeling adventurous, try hiking or biking the two miles to the summit and take in 360-degree views of Jackson Hole and the Teton Mountain Range.

The town also is home to a craft distillery, breweries and wineries that are always fun to check out on a warm summer night. Jackson Hole Still Works is the town’s only distillery and makes its spirits from local ingredients. Prefer wine? Jackson Hole Winery offers tastings by appointment.


Enjoy the quiet between summer fun and winter wonder. Late September is considered by many to be the perfect time to visit Jackson Hole as the weather is still dry, the trees are changing to fall colors and the national parks are still open. With relatively mild weather, hiking and fishing are comfortable outdoor activities; just don’t fall in the water since it might be a tad bit chilly for your liking.