If being up close and personal with lions, cheetahs and elephants seems like an impossible dream, we’re here to tell you it’s easier to plan than you think. There are many safari camps throughout Africa that can bring you closer to nature with some of the most majestic creatures on earth. From South Africa to Botswana and Zambia, camps and national parks await international travelers to give them the experience of a lifetime. We’ve rounded up some tips to get your planning started.

Affordable safaris

If you want to plan a safari vacation, but are not sure about the costs, check out these 10 Tricks to an Affordable Safari from Travel + Leisure. From self-drive safaris and traveling off-season to staying at the national parks instead of resort camps, you can save enough to make this dream a reality. As always, be sure to do your own homework before making any final decisions.

Family-friendly safaris

An African safari can be family-friendly too! If you want to pack up the kids and give them an unforgettable experience, you’ll want to look at these family fun safaris from the African Adventure Company. Adventures range from eight to 15 days and include options in a few different countries. Choose the experience that fits your family, whether that’s seeing cheetahs and big cats or learning more about the rich history of African countries.

Luxurious safaris

While a bit pricier, some of the top safari destinations outlined by Fodor’s will give you an unforgettable experience. The Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp, situated within the Bwindi National Park in Uganda, gives you a private up-close encounter with the mountain gorillas. If you’re looking for the big cats, you’ll want to visit Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya. It’s right up there with Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park in terms of the world’s finest wildlife sanctuaries.

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