The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) has once again taken the title of the world’s busiest airport. A major international hub in the United States, this airport is huge and has a lot to offer passengers arriving, departing or just passing through. From great, well-known restaurants to free Wi-Fi and high-end shopping in the international terminal, there are plenty of options to keep you busy before your flight or during a lengthy layover.

Before you go: Park at our ATL facility if you’re traveling internationally -- or not checking bags -- and we’ll get you to the international terminal in five minutes. From covered parking to a complementary newspaper and bottle of water, we’ll start and end your trip on the right foot.

Getting around: Once inside, catch a ride on the Plane Train, ATL’s automated people mover, which connects the domestic and international terminals with the airport’s seven concourses.

Interesting facts: Atlanta is within a two-hour flight of 80 percent of the United States population.

What to eat: There are 114 food and beverage locations throughout the airport. If you Google the best places to eat at the ATL, you’re sure to be directed to the One Flew South, which is reported to be the best place to grab a bit to eat. It’s consistently ranked one of the best airport restaurants in the world. Atlanta Eater also suggests checking out Paschal’s Southern Cuisine in concourse B and Varasano’s in concourse A. If you need an extra boost of sugar, stop by Savannah’s Candy Kitchen (concourse C) to indulge your sweet tooth.

Where to shop: There are 90 retail and convenience outlets, three duty-free stores and 56 service outlets (including a banking center, post office, lottery outlets and spas). ATL is not only known for its food, it also has some pretty great shops to help you pass the time. Buy yourself a new purse at Coach (concourse F) or Michael Kors (concourse E), or pick up some lavender lotion from L’Occitane (concourse A) to help you relax on the plane.

Find your calm: One really cool spot at ATL is the new multi-sensory room, from Delta, to help children on the autism spectrum prepare for the plane ride. The new space is now open in concourse F and offers a tactile activity panel, mini-crash pit, bubbling water sculpture and other great features to help children prepare for travel.

Take a load off: The busiest airport in the world has a few great gems to visit and escape from the normal craziness that is an airport. Delta’s flagship club is located in concourse C and is worth a visit. If you’re not a frequent flyer but want to relax during a longer layover, we suggest checking out The Club at ATL. Passengers can purchase a day pass online or at the reception desk and will have access to free snacks and beverages, free Wi-Fi, workstations and shower facilities.

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